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Saturday, July 03, 2010

2010 Graeagle Family Reunion

We're off again on Monday, July 5th to head up to Graeagle for as Tom says, "a fix", to inhale the fresh pine air. I'm catching a ride with Tom and Mary, again, to save on fuel and frankly I don't have a vehicle that I'd trust to go that far, and back. Tom and Mary will be at the Graeagle Meadows condos along with Kevin and Laurie, while I'll be staying at the Ripple Resort of Ill Repute. (just kiddin' about Ross's place). I've got to run down to CVS, (formally Longs Drugs) today to pick up my fishin' license.

Mr. Ripple has told me over the past few weeks that there's been plenty of water in the Creeks and the Feather, but it won't last long. Ross said there's still some good trout to be caught in the Feather. I might try to check out upper Graeagle Creek.

Tom's set up a golf match at the Meadows, (Graeagle Meadows), between Me and Kevin vs. Tom and Laurie. Of course, Tom's team is expecting strokes. You're the best older brother I've ever had Tom----how's that for "strokes"?

While it's a far cry from the reunions of the past when there'd be twenty, thirty, or fifty of us up there in "God's Country", it's nice to see the tradition live on. Maybe next year we can get a few more up there when the economy gets better along with our pocketbooks. Maybe even the Professor from SD might grace us with his presence, (and a $3 dollar lesson). :)


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