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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Golf in Graeagle

I'm pretty sure that in the next couple days there will be actual first-hand accounts of this past week and the Wednesday round. I just wanted to pass along a bit of information that I'd come across.

In keeping with the weather up there this past week, the four were treated to some mid-round wind, showers, thunder and lightning. Kind of like Mother Nature's fireworks.

It seems that Tom and Laurie won the match with Kevin and Ken. I'm sure if you listened to the rustling of Graeagle Meadows pines in the early evening, you no doubt would have heard something that sounded awfully like "too many strokes." Funny how even the trees around the course and the old campsite have learned to speak Crumley...I don't know whether actual money actually changed hands.

I'm also told that Kevin had low gross for the round. Congrats to Kevin. Now, some weeks ago, I -- being an impartial observer -- selected Number 11 for the long drive competition. And it seems that Laurie won! She was all the way down at the bottom of the hill. Nice going, Laurie. (I have to say, my Momma used to outdrive me all the time on #1 and sometimes on #2...and she liked to ride up to the top on #6 for the view, which you'll recognize in the picture above.)

So, summing up...Tom and Laurie were the winning team, Kevin was low gross, and Laurie won long drive...and Kenneth...Kenneth???....Kenneth...um...oh, that's right -- he's still walking around with a dollar of my money from Thanksgiving...(nope, I haven't forgotten...another thing Momma used to tell me is that I had the memory of an elephant.)


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