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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Welcome to the World LAUREN ANN

October 8th 2005! We have been blessed with a new life. Jairus and Allison are the proud parents of Lauren Ann Crumley.

Sorry, I don't have the stats or a pic, but I will post them as soon as I git the particulars.

Mark Crumley left a message on my voicemail last night to inform me that the Elk that he took last month in Wyoming is scoring #52 out of 3200 entries in the Pope & Young World record books. Pope and Young is the official record keeping for Archery, (Bow and Arrow) You can see their website here. Picture available on request @ Rovin2b@yahoo.com and I may git around to posting it at a later date.

NEWS FLASH!!!...........Wilma has just been upgraded to a CAT 5 hurricane with wind speeds up to 175 mph. Full story Here and Here

I'm leaving this morning for a hunting expedition in the Weaverville area and meeting up with my good friends Matt,Drew,Don, and his wonderful wife Vy. Besides hunting deer and quail we will all meet at Bigfoot one of the days for a round of golf. Plan to return Sunday.

Have a good week all......and God Bless........Kenny

Sunday, October 02, 2005

God is with Us.........Always

Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted anything here. September was a busy month to say the least. Also, there seems to be a problem with iguest, the guestbook feature. I will try to figure it out (or replace it) soon, so you can all post something you like and I can move it up to the "frontpage"

In the meantime, here's a bit of prophecy to think about:

The Laws

In God's laws, He tells us that if a bull gores someone and kills them, the animal is to be killed BUT NOT EATEN. Why can't we eat it? It's good meat and these people surely couldn't afford to waste good meat out in the middle of the desert. We now know that there are diseases and plant toxins which will cause a bull to "go mad" and gore people and that, if we eat that meat, the disease or toxin will also kill us. You know, like the ban on meat from cows which have the mad cow disease. 3,600 years ago they didn't know these things so why would they write such a law? They didn't, God did.

God's law tells us that, after we have touched a dead person or animal, we are to wash and separate ourselves from the other people. We now know that this cleaning and quarantine is necessary to prevent the spread of diseases from those dead people or animals. They didn't know this, why would they write such a law? They didn't, God did.

God's law tells us that we are not supposed to commit incest. We have learned in the last 50 years that, because of genetics, incest causes birth defects and retardation in the off spring. They didn't know that and incest was and still is quite common place around the world. Why would they write such a law when everyone else was committing incest? They didn't, God did.

At a time when promiscuity was very common place, God's law tells us not to commit adultery. This is probably the most telling of all of His laws because, knowing better, we still insist on committing adultery. Hey, it's good, it's fun, and they didn't know about the micro organisms which cause sexually transmitted diseases. Why would they write such a law? They didn't, God did.

God's law tells us how to build a latrine and where to put it 3,600 years before millions of soldiers died because they didn't know about or even why they should build a latrine AND they didn't live by God's law. How could people 3,600 years ago have possibly known how to build a latrine and where to put it? They didn't, God did.

We didn't discover until sometime in the 1950's that the life of an organism is in the blood. God told us this 3,600 years ago and said that is why we are not to eat the blood of an animal. This was a very common practice in other religions and still is in many today. Why would these people write such a law? They didn't, God did. But this goes even further. Science tells us that there is a double meaning to the phrase that the life of an organism is in its blood. The first meaning is the one referred to above which is that the very life forces which cause life are in the blood.

The other meaning has to do with micro organisms which shorten life such as the eggs of parasites, viruses, and bacteria. You see, these organisms limit the life of the organism and are, therefore, the outer limits for the life of the organism. In those days and, to a considerable extent, even today, people did not properly cook their food. If you don't cook your food well enough to kill these organisms, they will kill you. It was very difficult to cook their meat properly over camp fires and many people did and still do prefer partially cooked or even raw meat. Draining the blood from the animal before eating it decreased their chances of getting the diseases and parasites. Drinking the blood puts these organisms in your blood. These people didn't know that and could not have possibly written this law, God did.

Then they were not to eat certain animals such a pork. We now know that, because of the eating habits of pigs, they have lots of parasites such as heart and liver worms which destroy our internal organs and brains. The people back then could not properly cook their meat so God told them not to eat certain species. How could these people have known why not to eat such good tasting meats and why would they impose such laws on themselves? They didn't, God did.

You see, God gave man these laws because He loves us and cares for us. These laws were meant for our own good, not to punish us. If we don't live by His laws, we will pay the price. Science tells us we will and what the price will be.

The most important thing here is that these laws could not have ever been written by man. Not 50 years ago or 3,600 years ago. We know that these laws have existed for thousands of years and since man could not possibly have written these laws. It is also important to understand that these laws went against the customs of the day. We know that people don't write or accept laws that go against their customs without valid reason. Man could not and would not have written these laws. Then who wrote these laws? The author had to be someone who was very knowledgable, advanced, and mature. There had to be a much more advanced being who gave us these laws and imposed them on us. That person was God.

This is just one section of Cantrell's writings. Check it all out at:


Have a great day and God Bless You