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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Robert

Robert Keith Crumley

March 29th, 1957

Affectionately called the baby of the family, Robert has been blessed with some of the most beautiful children to walk the planet. And we all know that the stature of a good man can be measured by the woman at his side. Thanks Nina!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

He Has Risen

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Tommy!

John Thomas Crumley

March 24th, 1948

Sixty Years! Whoo Hoo!

Tons of more photos here

Update: Robert's posted ------ miracles never cease! (see below)

This post is a tribute to the first sixty years of Toms life. I have solicited some treasured words from the family, (the big kids) and we should all expect to see plenty in the comments from everyone. So let's get started!

From Mom:

Sick almost the whole time I was pregnant

Was working at the Guidance Center at the College and I would get up in the morning, throw up, have a soda cracker. go to work and continue eating soda crackers and drinking Coca Cola to keep from having to continually going to the bathroom to throw up while at work.

I had mopped our kitchen floor in our little four plex the night before Tommy decided to enter the world so when I woke up about 3 am I thought it was from the scrubbing but the pains continued so Charles decided I needed to get to the hospital so we did and he was born around 5am, weighing 5 lbs 4 oz and 21” long. He was so skinny, Tula and Lillian called him “a Greek War Relief” baby. Now I know why the long skinny, big feet J

Was a very good baby. When Suzie came along the following year. It was like having twins for a few months and then I caught him going in and stealing her bottle.

Was potty broken by the time he was a year old and slept in a double bed when Sue arrived.

He was a great brother as they grew up and never fought until Tom went to Kindergarten and then he came home thinking he knew everything and started picking fights with Sue.

Later in High School, he completely ignored her and never acknowledged that he knew her let alone that she was his sister.

His excuse today, she says, is that he thought she was so much smarter than him and felt funny around her. I can attest to that as during teacher’s conference, his teachers would tell me what a nice young man he was and how well he did on his tests but he just wouldn’t do his homework so they had to lower his grades. I can attest to that as he would carry his books home and back to school without opening a single page. He did have the excuse that he worked and he was a good hard worker at Tom Thumb Market.

From Sue:

Here is what I remember about my older brother. He was a hard worker; he started working at 13 for Tom Thumb. He did like to sleep in though, what was it Tom 2-3 in the afternoon????

Mom told you about him ignoring me at school, but he did help me too. He wrote all my poems for my English class, and I got very good grades on those papers. I have even saved one he wrote in April of 1967. This is it:

Eny Meny Miney Moe,
Now it’s raining kind of slow
If it starts raining hard
I’m going out into the yard
I’ll splish and splash
And roll all over
I’ll run and Jump
And lay in the clover
But now it’s time
For me to go.
My master is putting
Me in a big dog show.
By John Crumley

Since High School we have become very good friends. I think the beginning of our journey to great friendship was the car races, it was fun.

You are a great "Older Brother" and I "Love You Very Much".
Your only sister,

P.S. He even likes my husband (I think). J

From Me (Kenny):

Tommy was a tremendous influence on me while I was growing up. Some times his "examples" were not the greatest to follow. Like the time we came home from church one Sunday afternoon and in the the backyard at the Marconi house, Tom told me, (still in our Sunday clothes), if I did a belly flop in the big ol' mud puddle in front of the swing set, he would give me $5.00. Now back in the 60's five dollars was like a hundred to this little kid, so in I dove face first! We both received a well deserved whippin' from mom and I didn't see that five bucks 'till many years later in a birthday card, (I think I was in my late 20's).

As we both grew up Tom set many examples that helped to shape my life in a positive way. And when he let me drive that "56 Chevy with the 327-3-speed hurst on the floor, I thought I was in "dragster heaven". Taking me & Mike & Kathi & Patty to the first day of high school, (Ponderosa), 'cause the bus broke down, was what big brothers are all about.

From Mike:

It's rather easy to write about Tom cause he's been around the longest. He was always somewhat removed from my world, except when I needed to box with Kenny or fly like an airplane with his feet holding me in the air only to end with a thud or some type of damage to my body. It was great! I was becoming a man. You helped shape me in those disturbing ways. Thanks Tom. I love you. And I don't hold you responsible for anything negative. It was all Good!

And I couldn't be more prouder of a big brother. You are the perfect prototype. When you were willingly? to go to Vietnam you became more of an example of a man.When you wrote letters from there, that were like reading Robert Frost or Shakespeare. I remember feeling awe struck with pride and joy and laughter. We couldn't wait for the next letter.Your intellect and insight was amazing. You were more than just my biggest, oldest brother who refereed our bought's in the ring of brotherhood. By the way I deserved at least 50% of the earnings. Not 25cents. I think I had the best time growing up that a boy could have, and it's because of you and Kenny & Susie, Kevin & Robert. And of course Mom & Dad. And a (few) alot of cousin's along the way. Thank's for being my big brother, I wouldn't trade you for anything........Happy Birthday! Alway's love you, your brother Mike, Grunk, or whatever!

From Kevin:

I still have a lot of things to be thankful to Tom for, 1) His Suzuki motorcycle he let us learn how to drive! Maybe he didn’t even know he’d done that? But I know all of us had lots of great memories from it. 2) Once again his TR-6 driving lessons that he never knew he gave me! I could go on and on! But, Tom, I think you should check the mileage on your new truck, I’m thinking of doing some jumps over the Grand Canyon ! :o} I also remember the time you saved me from that Tarantula that was crawling on your arm; you threw ME out of the bed!!!!

Thanks brother, where were you when the Black Widow bit my #@**’s?

We all can be thankful we had such a Great Older Brother! And a Family who loves us all your 60 years!

From Robert:

Happy Birthday, Tom!

You’ll always be Number One to me, having been born Number Six in a long line of Crumleys. Though we were born nine years apart, I still have what seems like a lifetime of memories from our former years in our family home. From the days spent boxing Kevin for quarters, to riding to the lake in that ‘56 Chevy, burning our backs on the red-hot, bubble-textured seat covers, to playing countless rounds at the Eureka Muni golf course together, (“I know! Just hit the ball!”), and enjoying a delicious BBQ afterwards, usually in the fog.

Like Jairus and Tisha, I also remember our time living together on V St. as one of the best of our lives. Although we were very different in some ways, we shared so much in common, including four other siblings who were out in the big, unpredictable world, figuring things out for themselves.

One thing that has always kept us close is a powerful belief system based upon trust in the Love of God in our lives and a willingness to forgive… I thank God for having such a wonderful brother and friend as you. Happy 60th Birthday!

Love, Robert

P.S. One word brings back a hysterical memory….”Cramps! Cramps

And last but not least, from Mary:

"I remember the first time I met you Tommy. It was July 4th, 1997 at Claire’s party. There you where, in the kitchen, washing dishes – talk about making a good first impression! As we began talking that night, I knew immediately that you were someone special. You kept talking about this place you were headed for the next day called Graeagle…. It was obvious to me, from that first meeting that you were a guy with a lot of compassion and consideration for others and love for your family and friends.

I give thanks to God daily for taking my ordinary life and tuning it into a fairytale that day when He brought us together. Tommy, you are my soul mate, my best friend, my love, my life! I cannot imagine life any other way. I love you for your kind, gentle spirit, your love for others, your love of God and for the way you love me! It just keeps getting better every day!
We are like peas and carrots you and me!"

Happy 60th Sweetheart!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Who says the Crumleys can't get any ink?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Our Public Servant Brother

The big question:
Is Kenny a board member or a Democrat????
You decide....It's like finding Waldo