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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Congrats and Happy Birthday Bobbi

On July 1st Lloyd Bishop and Bobbi Porter were married:

The marriage of Lloyd and Bobbi Biship (Porter) was a slice of heaven that the Lord blessed us with on Friday, July the 1st, 2006. Louis Cormier preformed the ceremony witnessed by yours truly and Matt Chipps. Bobbi's parents John and Agatha Porter were also in attendence to see Bobbie recieve her vows for the first time. John and Aggie will be celebrating their 60th year of bliss together later this year. Aggie says "she's not sure if the marriage, (Aggie and Johns) will work out". :)

The wedding was held on the back deck of the Chipps estate where I have made my home. As soon as Lou said "I now pronounce you", the sun melted the fog away, and the light of the Lord warmed us all. And a mimosa helped.

It was a beautiful day. (For more pics click here)

And Bobbie cried during her vowels. :) sweet

special note: Bobbi Biship (Porter) is the mother of my god-daughter, Shelby Ann, who just turned 11 on June 22nd. I would like to wish Bobbie and Lloyd a long and joyfilled marriage and may the Lord bless them always.

Kenny Crumley

Special note 2: Today is Bobbie's Birthday! Happy birthday Bloodsister! I have your tickets to Sundays Blues by the Bay Festival. (Call me)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Count down time

Well now, it is count down time for two Crumley's. In less than a week Mary and I will be up in Graeagle smellin the fresh pine air and fishin the secret fishin holes of years gone by. We will miss all of you this year but understand the timing just isn't right. We will see most of you at Mom's birthday party. That will be fun! We did invite Bill and Murph and Bob and Betsy Zimmerman to join us. They are just like family as you would agree. See you soon. Kenny don't forget your clubs...Love, Tom and Mary