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Friday, August 11, 2006

August 11, 2006

The end of the month is quickly approaching, we're getting ready, and can't wait for everyone to start arriving and the parties to start! Be sure to bring your swimsuit if you want to go out on the boat and ski; some of you may want to spark up a game at the park so bring your baseball gloves (we have a bat & softball); there's also the first CHS Varsity game of the season on Friday night at 7pm (we don't know yet if Jen's cheering at it but it may be fun to go watch for some of you/us football fans @ $6 per seat).
So far, Jennifer's body has been responding to the oral corticosteriods this '4th' time around (today is Day 6!), so we're praying we've seen the worst and she'll be able to jump in and have a good time too! She deserves it!!
See You Soon, Laurie & Kevin

Monday, August 07, 2006

Angels Amongst Us

There are Angels amongst us.

Mrs. Charles A. Wilma (Kiki) Crumley is gonna turn eighty at the end of this month. This Angel of God has raised five boys (six if ya count Dad) and Susan to fruition and still has the inner love to take a trip down to Nicaragua to do Gods works, giving her heart,soul, and body to these people in need. Kiki is also there with Jim and (Sis) Sue's daughter, Kimberly. Kim's going to do some filming, and photography. Grand-daughters are nice to have along to record things.

Mom was in Kosovo, (when Melosovich was goin' down), pouring cement floors for widows and wives who had lost their loved ones during their civil war. She said: "One day a man came out a few doors away and fired off his AK-47.....He was just mad at the world". Mom always had a way with makin' me scratch my head unlike Forest Gump who's mom always explained things so he could understand them. But my understanding of this woman goes far beyond anyone's comprehension.

Those closest to her will hear trumpets and angels singing from heaven when this lady comes into God hands. Heaven and Earth will never be closer. I have a feeling she may outlive me here. "The Lords work is never done", she has reminded me from time to time. And neither has moms.

Thanks Mom...We love you!

And hurry home!