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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Watch out Moses, Here She Comes.......

Wilma (Kiki) Crumley (click on pic to enlarge)
August 29th, 1926

Mom recently took a trip down to Sacramento and wrote me about it:

"I was in Sacramento last week and got to spend time with Teddy and Mitzi, Charlie & Eloise, Cindy & Buck, Richard & Dorothy and their daughter Mary, I found out that Richard's wife Dorothy is half Greek. Then at Nikki and Gene's we had a get-to-gether on Friday when David, Peggy and son Ryan, Mark & Nita, Charlie & Eloise, Teddy & Mitzi & Son Bryan (in Air Force at Beal, Yuba City), and Tim for a little while. Chris Grooms came by for Coffee Sat morning. Uncle Gene and I made Kourapedes and Cherry Chocolate Cake for everyone. I also got to see Jane Ann and her friend Bob who just happened to come by Nikki's and also Lisa Parker with Hayden. Teddy and Mitzi picked me up at the airport and went directly to Judy's house and then to 65th St to "Opa Opa" a restaurant serving Greek food with none of the people being Greek. I also got to talk to Lisa Nicolos who had called from Hawaii while I was at Judy's. She was jealous that she couldn't be with us. All in all it was a very loving and rich trip. I'm with you the traffic is "hell" on earth. I'm glad to live in a small town."

Maybe this lady can't part the Red Sea, (yet), but she sure gets around to touch a lot of lives.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Anthony

Anthony Crumley August 2nd, 1985

Anthony's one of the Crumley's golden secrets that's been a blessing to all.......and now he's a proud papa.
Kiki and John's "little" bro has grown up to be the gentleman in the strongest Crumley tradition.
Ya done good Deborah.