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Crumley Family Reunion 2011

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011 Crumley Family Reunion News and Updates

*Be sure to check at the bottom of this post for current updates

OK, so I've finally got around to getting the changes to this site and will be updating it every couple of days leading up to the reunion. This year, Tom and Kevin, (who have been holding up the reunion tradition since the first one in 1988, I think), have chosen Saturday, July 30th thru Saturday, August 6th for the days that the Crumleys, Rowes, Walls, Mahans, and the next generation will "invade" the small town of Graeagle, California.

Below, is a list of those who have confirmed or are committed to coming this year. I need to know if this list is accurate, so let me know---YES OR NO---if this list is correct. (If you don't see your name, don't get excited, just leave me a comment at the bottom of the post, or email me at Rovin2c@gmail.com and I will make the changes here at the site)


Tom & Mary Crumley
Kevin & Laurie Crumley (Jennifer & a girlfriend)
Ken Crumley
Wilma Crumley
Robert & Nina Crumley (Kendall and a friend)
Tisha Crumley, Drit Shoemaker and Scarlet (newest additions to the Crumley Family)
Micheal & Cathy Crumley (please send me a list of others Mike) Updated 7/26
Michael & Jen, Chelsea & Jonathan, Justin, Ryan
Jim & Sue Wall
Kimberlie, and Brennan Haggstrom (Wall)
Mark Crumley
Gene & Nikki Crumley
John Thomas Crumley (Tom's son)
Bill & Colleen Trubitsky (Murphy/Murph)
Newest Additions!
Karen Crumley (and Clement)
Lisa Parker (Rowe) (and Hayden)

Update: 7/26 Cousin Emily sent along this list of attendees:
Emily and Bob Ballard
Amanda and Lil Emily Zeller
Vickie Connolly
Christina Dudley and David

Liz and Jerry Gill
Nina and Jason Eberhardt
Claude Harlow and Family 


Jeff Rowe
Dave Rowe
Tim and Karen Crumley
The Mike Crumley List---(this could be a big one) Update 7/26 : I lost Mike's list he sent me---will repost soon.

Also pending is our "newest new found relatives" the Sholonda Jackson family.  (will try to update as I get confirmation and more info)

Reminder: This is a rough list, and I will be updating it as soon as I hear from you or anyone else that I've left off these list---please keep me updated.

A few days ago, I talked with Mark Crumley and Mark informed me that he's reserved a place at Graeagle Meadows. Mark will also be picking up Gene and Nikki on Thursday, August 4th and will be in GE thru the weekend. Last night, (6/29/2011), I had a great talk with Gene and Nikki and they're both looking forward to coming up to Graeagle. Uncle Gene's bringing up his "professional" ice cream maker, so we'll all look forward to some home made ice cream.

Golf: I'm booking three tee times at Graeagle Meadows for Friday, August 5th at 8:30 AM---that's twelve spots. Tentative players are as follows:

Tom Crumley, Kevin Crumley, Laurie Crumley, Ken Crumley, Robert Crumley, Mark Crumley, Gene Crumley, Nikki Crumley, JT Crumley, (Tom's son), Mike Crumley, Bill Trubitsky and Murph, (Colleen Murphy)  This makes twelve players, (three full tee times) for this Friday round. 
UPDATE: Tee Times have been booked.  10:36 am, 10:42 am, and 10:52 am

Earlier in the week, some of us may be playing golf at Gold Mountain, (The Dragon). No tee times have been set, nor is there a list of those committed. (will update later and let me know if you're interested or committed to play) There's a special price at the Dragon that I will post in the next few days. UPDATE 7/26: Tom and Mike have booked two tee times, one is full and there may be one spot open on Mike's tee time. (Check with Mike)

Fishing: I've talked with our resident fishing guru and great friend Ross Ripple every few weeks and Ross says "the Feather River is still up due to late snowfalls, and just now fishable". There's never been more water in the Feather at this time of year in ages, says Ripple. I suggest any of you "fisher-folks" get your fishing licences at home before you come up. (the Graeagle store always seems to run out) Needless to say, the Creeks should be great fishing too this year. UPDATE 7/26---River and Creeks are still good for fishing! 

Special Events: (check back here for a list of special events---there's some good ones, but I have to confirm them first) UPDATE 7/26---Since Tisha's the reining cribbage champion, I nominate her to organize everything for this year's tourney---get your $5 dollars in early and register.

This year's reunion is shaping up to be one of the largest attendance in several years, so if any of you don't see your name here in this post, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP, so I can keep it updated. Love you all----and see you in Graeagle!

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