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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Welcome to the World Christopher

This is a picture of Christopher Eubanks (No middlename yet)

He was born on June 16, 4:04 PM, 10 LB's !!! 22-23 inches long. with a barrel for a chest at 15 inches. Let us know if you cannot view the photo.
Congrats to Adam and Tessa E.

Note: The picture was a little dark, but Photoshop 6.0 is my friend.
Uncle Kenny

Monday, June 12, 2006

My Two Cents

Hello All! Just wanted to be the first of MY generation to actually post something on this family thing of ours! Have to say that I am very much looking forward to our getting together in Oregon and I can't wait to see everyone - especially since I won't be making Graeagle again this year due to an opportunity that has arisen for me to travel throughout Thailand. . .Thank you Gramma for your Prayers! Anyways, this is a recent picture of our loving Wilma and myself when she came down to visit after Chelsea's wedding. (Which I am very sorry I missed as the photos looked beautiful and hope they will be posted up here soon) Hope you enjoy and will see you soon! Miss and Love you!! XOXOXOX
Tisha ~ Aren't We Cute?!?! ~

PS Thanks Uncle Ken for organizing this weblog. It's a fantastic idea and great way to keep in touch!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jim's Motives and Other Stuff

The cat's obviously out of the bag, and mom now know's we are congragating at Kevin and Laurie's home in Central Point, Ore for moms 80th.

Here's Jims latest email:

OK… the ball is rolling and like a snowball it continues to grow…

To All,

Original thought (which makes me laugh at myself) was to have just the kids (Tom, Sue, Kevin, Kenny, Robert, & Mike) get together for their mother’s birthday. If such small thinking offended anyone I ask your forgiveness. I am with the beautiful lady everyday and sort of forgot how special she really is to “ALL”.

I called Kevin last night to see if the idea of gathering at his house was still OK with the numbers growing. He assured me it was more than Ok with both he and Laurie (and Jennifer I assume). He said people could sleep in the yard (Jennifer clean that room), I am sure he must have meant those under 40 (huh, Blondie, and yes Mary was correct, we who are short on hair point out others hair color to sidetrack the issue)… Those who are thinking motel I would say that earlier is better than later as to reservation due to it being labor day weekend.

I would think those blessed with years (Gene, Nikki, & Wilma) would have first chance at guest beds at the house if the want.

Possible shows (if I missed anyone please forgive me in advance):

Jim & Sue (Bentley Snow Plow)
Robert & Nina (Kendall)
Tom & Mary
Mike & Cathy (Justin & Ryan)
Kevin & Laurie (if they can make it)

Gene & Nikki

Mark & Anita
Tim & Karen
Arvin & Kiki (Thomas and Norah Roshni)
Jairus & Alison (Lauren Ann)

Kim (Brennan)
Adam & Tessa (Gonya & ????)
Jonathan & Chelsea

As to meals I would suggest some type of barbeque on Saturday at Kevin’s and allow all to fend for themselves the other meals. Just my 2-cents worth (opinion), which I am not married to, but something that must be addressed so I toss it out in the ring for consideration, trying to save Laurie from too much to concern herself with, knowing how much weight goes along with being hostess to gatherings (we have one every 3-5 years with 25 people for a three day weekend and Sue and I work for weeks getting it all together, which I am sure we don’t want to place on Kevin & Laurie).

Laurie, Kevin told me on the phone that you sent e-mail; I did not receive it. I am not trying to take charge by sending these e-mails, just keeping the ball rolling…

After birthday party there very well could be a Texas-NL-Hold’em game, the question is should be have a $25-$35-$50 buy-in? Tom I saw your remark about the gambling on cruise ships, do I still have that reputation? I have come a long ways… in my 20’-30’s I would take $600 and loses $1,1000, in my 40’s I would take $250 and loses $600, and now in my 50’s I take $150 and lose $150, now that is maturity made visible, maybe someday I will win!.

I am sure that others have thoughts so throw them into the ring, just do it!

WOW! Is the NW ever beautiful this time of the year; NO! Kevin and Laurie do not live in the NW….

Jim (& Sue) (why is Sue in parentithes?)

Just got off the phone with Jim, and he say's for birthday presents----"no books or nicknacks."
Jim doesn't think mom needs them, but he may be "off the Wall" :)

Jack and Bobbie are invited to Oregon also, and we all realize that's a long drive for them.

Updates to follow: And use the comment section below this post.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

We tried but no takers

Well, we went on our cruise. You know the one we invited everyone to join us on. Miami was warm and full of very nice yachts (that's a boat with a lot of zero's behind the $$).It was a bit windy there however. You can tell by the way Mary's hair is standing straight up!! Maybe next time we can get Jim to go on one. They do have casino's you know Jim. They're not at all like the carrier you lived on oh so many years ago.

Well now I finally found Kenny's domaine...it took many tries, kinda like trying to find his favorite fishing spot in Graeagle...I think it's in the Gorge....were they lost me once....I am sooo glad Bill Trubitsky was looking for me "Under a tree".....We love you all, Tom and Mary.