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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jim

James Wall
February 23rd, 1948
Husband of Susan Wall (Crumley)
Father of Kimberlie and Rebecca
And Grandfather of Brennen (son of that mean woman who picks on her uncle)

(I chose this photo because there were few to choose from, AND it seems (most of the time) Jim is always "in the chips"..... Happy Birthday Bro-in-law!

Happy Birthday........Kenny!

Charles Kenneth Crumley
February 23rd, 1952
Born the 3rd child of Charles and Wilma (Kiki) Crumley
Siblings-----Tom, Susan, Michael, Kevin, and Robert

(Last summer, I took a trip down to SF to see a free concert in the park. When I told these two lovely young ladys "it was my birthday", they agreed to pose with me for a "happy birthday photo". That was the only fib I told all weekend.)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Brennan
Brennan Haggstrom
February 17th, 1998

Brennan is the son of Kimberlie Haggstrom----Grandson of Jim and Sue Wall, and Wilma (Kiki) Crumley's great-grand son.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Mark

Mark Kenneth Crumley
February 8th, 1954 (I think he's 54)
First born son of Gene and Nikki
Grandson of John Elbert and Jessie
Grandson of Tom and Christina (Yiya)

(other than the picture of Mark in his camo, (hunting) this is the only one I could find from Graeagle back in '03. Feeding his face is one of Mark's passions among other things.)

Update: Kevin emailed me to let me know that I have Marks age wrong:

Just a quick note (1956) wrong way! He is younger than me! But Dave Grooms is older than both of us!

Thanks Kev..........

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Family Reunion News 02-07-08

I'm working on doing some updates to the Family Website over the next few weeks (months) including upgrading the "Family Photos" site (linked to the left) to put in the haloscan comment function for ease of use. I've just loaded some wonderful pics at the site of Jairus and Alisons kids. Please click here and check them out.

Tom and Kevin have set the date for the annual Family Reunion up in Graeagle this year, July 6th thru the 12th----(checking out on the morning of the 13th) Be sure to mark the dates on your calandars and try to come up and visit. Who knows, I might even make it up there this year. :) Tom and Kev have rented the house up the hill past the Rowe's Place (the one with the big pool table). If you would all like to see Jack (Duece) and Aunt Bobbi up there, leave a comment at the bottom of this post or email them. (I don't put email address's at this site for privacy reasons---if you want an email address, email me and I'll send it back)

There's also rumors that there will be a gathering up at Kevin and Laurie's (Central Point, Or.) for Jim and Sue's 40th or 50th anniversary. I will update this post when I get more solid info.

Tomorrow (Feb 8th) is Mark Crumley's birthday and I will try to put up a seperate post with a picture of the old buzzard, but just in case, leave a comment here too.

I will be working on our local upcoming Redwood Coast Jazz Festival for the next month and a half, so posting might be a bit lite here. I was elected to the board of the Redwood Coast Music Festivals last year, which is quite an honor. For you "CO-EDITORS", this means you can jump in here a provide a post when you have time.

Have a great day and God Bless............Kenny

Update: I almost missed it-----today is Adam and Tessa's daughter's birthday. Gonya Eubanks is four today. Tessa is Mike and Cathy Crumley's daughter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GONYA!

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